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Spark Screens

Spark Screens

Fire Pit Spark Screen Replacement

You purchased a fire pit, and it did not come with a screen (or it needs to be replaced), or you might have had a fire pit built, or even if you are very handy, you might have built your own fire pit.  Any of these scenarios, are possibilities, and you did this for a reason.  More than likely, to be able to sit outside with family and friends and relax.  We want everyone to be able to enjoy them to the fullest and not have to worry about safety.  One thing that all Wood burning outdoor fire pits have in common, is that during burn activity, they all emit sparks and all have flying embers.  These embers and sparks are what can burn people or possibly start fires.  Due to the nature of these fire pits we want to keep people and property safe, which is:

Why use a fire pit Safety Screen?

  • Prevents sparks and embers from flying out of the pit – even in the wind
  • Helps prevent accidents, contains incendiary sparks, ash and soot
  • Prevent direct contact with open flame
  • Will help comply with local ordinances
First, you have to choose a screen that is tall enough to cover the pile of wood loaded into your pit.  The length of time that you expect your fire to burn can help determine the height of your fire pit screen.  You do not want to have to keep removing your fire screen to constantly be reloading wood in your fire pit. 

Additionally, you need to think of the material the fire pit screen is made from.  Fire pit screens are typically made from heat-resistant metal, such carbon steel, powder-coated steel, stainless steel, and cast iron. Stainless steel is popular option as it is one of the few metals that tolerate very high temperatures well.  Cast iron is a cheaper price, but it's a heavier material and tends to rust over time.    

Spark Screen Mesh

Last but not least, is the design of the cover.        
  • The nice thing about fire pit screens is the fact that they are made transparent, which allows the warmth and lively glow of the fire to come through.
  • There are also screens with pretty designs which greatly add to the aesthetics of your fire pit.
  • Ease of removing screen for adding fire wood.
  • A fire pit screen should have a handle to allow you to move it easily.
  • Another type of fire pit screen is one that comes with a lifting tool to make it much easier for you to lift the cover without the risk of burning your hands.
  • Some have hinged doors that you can open to tend the fire and replenish wood.
Purchase a safety screen now from fire pit tables and more and know that every penny you spent is well worth it.  You will know that you are providing protection for you, your family and friends.  No one will get burned from a spark or an ember accidentally landing on you, your family or friend.  You will not have to worry about an ember burning a hole into a piece of patio furniture or smoldering on dry wood and starting a fire.  Safety gives you a piece of mind, to be able to enjoy your fire outdoors.   Along with fire pit screens we also have fire pit tools for you to be able to tend to your fires.  Then to protect your fire pit from the elements we also offer a variety of fire pit covers. Buy you fire pit products from Fire Pit Tables and more, we are here to serve all of your fire pit needs. 
Spark Screens

Spark Screens

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