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Patio Heater Covers

Patio Heater Covers

Patio Heater Covers

Looking for quality patio heater covers, you have come to the right place.  We carry  a complete line of quality covers to keep your patio heater safe from the outdoor elements.  Our line of patio heater covers include all styles, types and a variety of fabrics, to keep your patio heater in good condition.    
Covers for patio heaters can also be purchased in a two different styles. 
                The Header Style ( Which covers the heating element only )
                Tall Patio Heater Covers (which covers the entire patio heater). 

A variety of types are also available in patio heaters.  By types I mean the heating element type, whether it be:                                                                                                                                                                                   Propane or Natural Gas Patio Heater Models
                In-fared or Electric Patio Heater Models and
                Commercial grade Patio Heater models 
A patio heater covers is available in all types of patio heaters.  The size of the patio heater is what determines the covers available, not necessarily the type of patio heater. 

Commercial Patio Heater Covers

Fabric of patio heaters come in a large selection of materials. We carry fabrics that are resistant to  cracking, fading, tearing and mold.  All covers are waterproof or water resistant.   
                Some are made from a heavy gauge vinyl. 
                Some are made from a polyester material with a PVC Coating
                Some are made from felt lined vinyl. 
The variety of material is only dependent on the manufacturer.  We only carry manufacturers, that make quality made patio heater covers.
How to measure for a Tall patio Heater cover:

For how to measurement your tall patio heater please follow the diagram on the left.
  • Height: Measure from the top of the item to the ground
  • Diameter: Round items: Found by measuring from one side of the item across to the opposite side.
    • Tips: They are not intended to touch the ground, so that air can properly circulate underneath the cover. 
    • Bigger is better, so select a cover size that is slightly larger than your patio heater dimensions.

For those, who are not sure, if you really need to invest in a cover for your patio heater, I will list a couple of the benefits of owing a cover for your patio heater. One of the major benefits of using a patio heater covers is that it protects the internal components from:
  • Dirt, Dust & Debris
  • Damage or Corrosion from Moisture
  • Easy to add and remove
  • Variety of Covers to match your decor
Shop now at Fire Pit Tables and More to help maintain your patio heater.  We have a cover that will fit over your patio heater.  
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