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Lava Rocks & Gas Fire Logs

Lava Rocks & Gas Fire Logs

 In the cool evenings, my fire pit is the heart of my backyard.  At times, I would like to change the looks of my fire pit, but how I can make changes that effect the look of my outdoor fire pit or fireplace?

To make little changes that can affect the looks of your fire pit is to change out the burner media. You can provide a more traditional rustic appearance by changing the burner media to lava rocks and gas logs, or you can have a modern classy look by replacing lava rocks and gas logs with fire glass. 

Lava rock is inexpensive when compared to fire glass.  Using this method to cover up your gas jets can significantly reduce the cost of your fire display. 

Gas logs have become very popular recently, due to the fact that lava rock and gas logs all do a great job for viewing your fire.  The reason for this is that gas is not impeded in its flow and is able to seep in and around the small particles of lava. 

When you add the looks of lava rock and gas logs together, the flames give your gas logs the look of a traditional wood burning fire.  The simplicity of materials and functionality provides a modern aesthetic beauty that emulates the real thing. 

Our store specializes in lava rock and gas logs sets mainly for the outdoor fire pits and fireplaces, although some logs can be used in both outdoor and indoor environments.  When shopping for gas logs, especially for indoor use, there are questions you need to have answered to be safe and avoid problems.
          1st Question: What type of fireplace do you have?
Masonry, Prefabricated, or Ventless?                
·        2nd Question: Natural Gas or Propane?
          Gas valve openings are different. 
·        3rd Question: Are there any building codes?
          Not all states, cities or municipalities allow Ventless gas logs. 
·         4th Question: Measurements of fireplace
Front, Back & Depth
          You will need these measurements
                   Size of Logs to purchase
·        5th Question: Vented or Ventless Gas Logs?
Gas Fire logs that are vented are made to be used in replacement of real wood burning fire wood. These gas fire logs can be installed in outdoor firepits and fireplaces that meet local building code. When you look at these logs burning you have the impression that they are truly burning real wood. These vented gas logs can be burned in certain types of indoor fireplaces.  When you are burning these logs you still need to have the damper open on your fireplace, which also means you are still losing some of the heat up the chimney.    
Gas Fire logs that are ventless are also made to be used in fireplaces that are capable of burning real wood.  These logs can also be used in outdoor fire pits, and some ventless fireplaces. Ventless gas logs are not legal throughout the State of California.  Ventless gas logs are made to have the damper closed on fireplaces so the majority of the heat is radiated back into the room.

Another piece of important information about gas logs, is the difference between Ceramic and Cement logs.
          Cement Logs:
                   Least Expensive
                   Manufactured from heat resistant grade of cement (Similar to the mortar in fireplaces)
                   Does not radiate heat
                   Tend to crack and crumble after a short period of time.
          Ceramic Logs:
                   Greater heat radiating capacity and long life
                   Manufactured from powdered ceramic and cement  then colored with heat resistant paint.
Now aimed with information on how to purchase your lava rock and gas logs sets you can get the look and feel of a real wood fire without the mess and hassle of a real wood fire.  Some of these benefits include, no smoke, ash, and the continuous need to feed the fire.  So purchase your lava rock and gas log sets now.  Fire Pit Tables and More is here to help you with any selection questions you may have.  
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