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Smoker Covers

Smoker Covers

 Some people live in environments that they can smoke food outside year around, other do not, but no matter where you live, your smoker is still exposed to the outdoor elements. Protect your valuable piece of equipment, so you can keep smoking those fantastic tasting, pieces of beef, pork chicken, and fish items.
 So now you are asking yourself  “What do you mean, protect my equipment?” “Protect my equipment from what?” What I mean is:  Do not let your smoker get exposed to the outdoor elements.  The outdoor elements can be anything from:
·         Rain, snow, and ice        
·         The Sun's burning rays
·         Heavy winds
·         Debris getting into your smoker
·         Dirt
·         Tree Sap
·         Bird Droppings and more

To keep your Smoker finishes in better condition and other damages that can wreak havoc on your smoker, invest in a quality smoker cover.

Our selection of quality smoker covers are available for gas, electric and charcoal smokers for all the major brands. We carry a large selection of generic smoker covers, in many shapes and sizes.  These generic covers, are available in many universal sizes. Please follow the instructions below on how to measure your smoker for the right size smoker cover.


Height, determined by measuring from the top of the smoker down to the ground. 
L = Length, found simply by measuring from left to right across the front of the  smoker.
W = Width (also called depth), found by measuring the smoker from front to back.
Dia = Diameter on round  smokers, found by measuring from one side of the item across to the opposite side. 

·         The H of your smoker cover should be shorter than your smoker

The smoker cover is an accessory that will provide on and off season protection when not in use.  The cover helps keep dust and dirt from building up on your precious smoker.  We know you spend a lot of time and effort to find the perfect smoker for your backyard.  (1) So know that you know how to take prolong the life of your smoker, browse our large selection of quality smoker covers.  We have covers that are available for all types of smokers, and will fit perfect.  The  cover will ensure that your smoker appliance remains protected regardless of the climatic conditions. The smoker cover will provide your much-loved smoker with protection and your expensive equipment will be safe.   Fire Pit Tables and More is here to provide you with any extra help you may need in selecting your grill cover.  So purchase your grill cover now to protect your grill for years to come. 

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