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Electric Smokers

Electric Smokers

Electric Smoker

We are having a bbq - come on over.  Most of the time this means your backyard cooking is over a grill with direct heat, and you are having to work to prep dinner for your guests.  Is there any other way?  I want to be able to enjoy my guests, I do not want to be standing over a hot grill.
Of course there is - you can still have a BBQ - but with the low and slow cooking process of smoking your food with an electric smoker.  Smokers use indirect heat to cook the food, it take a little longer than cooking over the flame, but slower cooking with smoke still offers a great barbeque flavor. The electric smoker gives you the set it and forget it attitude - so you can enjoy your guests. 

Electric meat smokers

 Electric smokers are super convenient, just add wood chips to the wood box, add the water and plug it in.

The electric smokers maintains your temperature between a 180 to 250 degrees. The electricity  heats the water, with the wood chips, which release smoke that flavors the food.   The water pans in these electric smokers dissipate heat, and the water also ensures the food comes out moist and smoky.
If this is your very first smoker, then an electric one can make the process practically foolproof. The electric smoker also has the advantage of being lightweight, and easily moveable.  No matter what the weather, an electric smoker can be used year round. 
Most electric smokers can do it all, and  can come in all price ranges. The features of an electric smokers, is where the prices change.  Generally,  the more expensive electric smoker allows you to select a temperature, and a time as you load it up and turn it on.

Fire Pit Tables and more is here to assist you in your selection process if you have any questions on which smoker is for me.  Customer service is our number one priority.  Please make your selection today.

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