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Fire Pit Grills

Fire Pit Grills

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Fire Pit Grills

Fire Pit Grills

Fire Pit Grates

Any outdoor wood burning fire pit, can have a grill grate thrown on and you can be cooking up some great tasting food.  Some of the best tasting steaks and seafood come from restaurants that cook over open wood fires.  Now you can have that same great taste in your own backyard. While cooking with real firewood can be challenging, just remember that it is easier to cook over hot glowing embers than over the open flames.  
Grate Materials

Most fire pit grates are made from cast iron, stainless steel, or any of a variety of metals coated with porcelain, or chrome.
  • Cast iron grates, after they’re seasoned, offer a non-stick surface that conducts heat evenly and lasts forever. 
  • Stainless steel also provides good heat conduction and resists sticking if you clean it after use.  Offers excellent rust resistance.  They generally have wide configuration of rods.
  • Porcelain coated grills also conduct heat well and have a non-stick surface, but they require careful cleaning. Never use a harsh scrubbing pad or wire brush to clean an enamel grill, or you risk scratching the surface. Once enamel is scratched, food sticks.  Porcelain coated grids vary in quality by the thickness of the rod and the thickness of the porcelain coating. 
  • Chrome Plated - Generally the least expensive.  They are subject to rusting and food sticking, however should provide years of satisfactory service.  Warming racks on barbecues are generally chrome plated.  

Cooking Grills for fire pits

  • Mesh styles grates are perfect for any type of cooking you want to do 
  • Most grates come with rods that are separated.
  • Round Grates
  •  Rotating Grates
  •  Folding Grates
  •  Tripod Grates
  • Rectangular Grates
All of these options come in various diameters so you are sure to find something that meets your needs.  These are all meant to be universal for all types of fire pits, so find your size so we can ship your fire pit grill, so you can start cooking now.  These make the perfect  accessory for your fire pit.  More than any other outdoor feature you can think of, your fire pit, or fire bowl, with its cooking grate, instantly makes your backyard the place to be.  You are now able to do more than just roast marshmallow, you can now cook gourmet meals  with your cooking grate.  
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