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Fire Pit  & Heater Covers

Fire Pit & Heater Covers

Prolong Outdoor Fire Pit Life with Covers

A fire pit cover is one of those items that should be considered a must have accessory.  An accessory that you should be investing in - and you are asking yourself why!  "Why Is this something I really need to be spending my money on?"     #1 Answer to this is:  To prolong the life of your outdoor fire pit!
By buying a cover today, you are extending the life of your outdoor fire pit for years to come.  If you protect it from the element, it will still look like new 5 -10 years from now.  Rain, Sleet, Snow and Hail are some of the elements that can contribute to quick deterioration of your outdoor fire pit.
·        One of the reasons this happens, is that the moisture can combine with the ashes and other burned residue and can cause irreparable damage.  
·        It will also help to keep any unburned wood inside your fire pit dry and ready for the next time you use it.
·        It will keep unsuspecting critters from falling in or taking up residence in your fire pit.
Now that you understand why it is important to purchase a cover -your next question might be!
What Size Cover Do I Need?
First step is to Measure your fire pit.  Select a cover that is slightly larger than your measurements.  If there isn't a cover that exactly fits your fire pit, you can go up to 6 inches higher for  a measurement and still maintain proper fit.  The height of your fire cover should be 6 inches shorter than the height of your fire pit.  This allows for proper air circulation.  Follow the instructions below for measuring your fire pit. 
  • Round:  Measure the diameter of your fire pit. Then measure the height of your fire pit.   If your fire pit has a dome screen, make sure to include the height of the dome in your measurements.  Measure from the top of the dome or fire pit to the ground. 
  • Square:  Measure the width of your fire pit.  Measure the height of your fire pit.  To measure the height, measure from the top of the fire pit or the dome of the fire pit to the ground. 
  • Rectangular: Measure the width of your fire pit.  Measure the length of your fire pit. Measure the height of your fire pit - Measure to the ground. 
Cover Materials
Non Woven Fabrics, 100% Nylon Woven Fabrics with water-repellent finishes, Polyester materials with PVC backing which help them to be water proof, and flex with temperature changes.  Vinyl fabrics - some that come with felt linings for easily slipping covers over your fire pits.

Cover Features
Covers are manufactured in a variety of ways.  Things to look for in covers.
·        Elastic Pull Strings in the bottom of the hem for fast, custom fit.
·        Air vent reduces inside condensation and wind lofting
·        Fabric that is made of water-resistant and water-repellent material that keeps the interior dry
A fire pit cover is an essential accessory that is both functional and attractive. It can extend the longevity of your heating device so you can enjoy your outdoors for a long time.   At Fire Pit Tables and More we carry a large selection of Fire pit covers.  You will be able to find a cover for any size or shape be it round, square, rectangular, tall, or for a fire pit table.  We have you covered.  Select your fire pit cover now and protect your fire pit when not in use. 
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