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Only the push or turn of a switch to enjoy real BBQ flavor

Only the push or turn of a switch to enjoy real BBQ flavor

Propane Barbecues

Gas grills are one of the most popular methods of cooking outside, you do not need to plan in advance on waiting for your charcoal to light and get hot.  Gas grills are more efficient for their quickness of getting ready to cook.  Gas grills will heat up in as little as 5 to 10 mins. depending on the size and Btu’s of the grill. Charcoal grills will take more time.

Gas Grills have many advantages over their counterpart (Charcoal Grills.) Along with being ready to cook sooner, the cleanup is much easier.  No ashes from burned charcoal or charcoal dust flying around to have to clean out of your bbq.  After you are finished cooking, just take a grill brush to the grills and the heat will take care of the rest. 

Temperature adjustment is much easier on gas grills.  With just the turn of a knob you can increase or decrease the heat of your grill.  A lot of manufacturers now offer multiple burners on gas grills, so you can have a side that is hotter for grilling your steak and a cooler side for grilling your vegetables or fruit.  Thermostates are also available on a large selection of grills.

Other features of cooking on an outdoor gas grill are the sizes of gas grills available.  Gas grills are available in portable sizes to be able to take camping or to the beach.  Also available are small to large sizes for your backyard or patio.  Gas grills are also available in natural gas for built in outdoor kitchens. 

Built-In Gas Barbecues
Large selection of cooking areas.  Some grills come with side burners, and work surface areas. Some come with non-stick coated surfaces. Depending on your needs there is a gas grill available for you.

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