Which smoker it the correct one for me to purchase?

Which smoker it the correct one for me to purchase?


Which recipe do I want to cook?  Which smoker is the correct one for me to purchase?    The  problem is there are so many choices of smokers: vertical or BBQ Pit smoker.  Then I need to decide is it electric, wood, charcoal or gas?  Which one is right for me.?   Please, I need some information to help me decide.

It would be difficult to go wrong with any BBQ smoker, since smoker grills are used when flavor is the number one priority. Flavor is controlled by using different woods, not the type of smoker you are using. Which one is better – partial depends on your preferences, but let me give you a few pointers.

Basically the two types of smokers are the Vertical and the BBQ Pit Box. 

  • The vertical smoker is generally considered easier to use.  As the name implies, the configuration of this smoker is in a vertical line with the heat source.  The heat is produced on the bottom using charcoal, gas or electric.  The heat then rises to a pan of water. In this water you can add wood flavor chips or any other seasoning for flavoring.   The heat causes the water and other ingredients to smoke, and the smoke, which is your flavorings, rises to heat and cook the food which is on a grill rack.  

  • Barbeque Pit Smokers have a special firebox where the wood is burned. Then the smoke moves from the firebox through a flue to another area called the BBQ Pit.  This BBQ Pit is normally offset to the side of the firebox, and has a cooking grill.  The smoke enter the BBQ Pit and heats up and cooks the meat.   

    BBQ Smokers

Let me give you some insight on the difference between, electric, wood/charcoal, or gas. 

  • Wood /Charcoal Smokers  -It does require your time in attending to the charcoal or wood.  Smokers that are charcoal or wood are harder to maintain temperature control on.  However some fans believe this is the only true way to smoke food.  This is geneally the only method allowed in barbeque competitions.

  • Gas Smokers - A propane gas smoker may be the smoker of choice for the beginner or the   experienced smoker.  With the easy operation, and the ability to use temperature control smoking becomes the set-it and forget-it.  If ease of operation is what you are looking for then a gas smoker is a good choice.

  • Electric Smokers - If you have little or no experience in the art of smoking meats and other foods, this type would be one to consider.  This is probably the easiest smoker to use.  On some models you can control the heat and temperature.  Some you just simply plug in, place the wood chips in the water pan and the heat and smoke will cook your food.  Electric smoker can even have timers.  Whichever model you choose, just plug in and enjoy a great tasting smoked meal. 

Some other things to consider when selecting a smoker are:

  • Ease of use, clean-up, price, capacity, insulation, cost of operation, quality customer service given by manufacturer and of course, the flavor.  
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