Outdoor Heating

Outdoor Heating

 Why allow the weather to keep your party indoors, when extraordinary designs in outdoor heating can be combined with functionality to make your outdoor living space a extension of your indoor space.  The only issue is deciding what to buy?  Let Fire Pit Tables and More can give you a little guidance. 

Outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, fire pit tables, fire columns and patio heaters are just some examples of outdoor heating appliances.  Each of theses products offers it's own unique approach to heating your outdoor space.  One of the ways to help you on your decisions, is to try choosing outdoor heating appliances that complement your backyard, patio or landscape.  No matter what style suits your taste, you can find the right outdoor fire pit, patio heater or any other appliance to suit your needs.
  • Chimineas  are a free-standing open fireplace that has a bulbous base and a vertical vent, or chimney to let the smoke out. We carry cast iron, cast iron and steel chimineas on our site. 
  • Fire Pits are a freestanding units on legs,  in which an open fire is burned.  They vary tremendously in size and design.  The fire pits are available in wood burning fuel types, and occasionally you will find gas fire pits.  Both styles have their advantages and disadvantages.  Some fire pits come with cooking grates, and they are also available to purchase as accessories.  Whatever taste or budget you have, - be it steel, stainless steel, copper, or an antiqued metal you will find a fire pit on our site to suite your needs. 
  • Fire Pit Tables – If  you are prepared to spend a little more, you could indulge yourself with natural gas or propane gas fire pit table.  Outdoor gas fire pit tables add warmth to your backyard or patio and can become the focal point in your outdoor setting.  Some of the more modern design tables come with colored fire glass as opposed to the traditional gas logs. These tables are available in various heights, that include Chat, Dining, Balcony and Bar.  There is sure one to be able to meet your needs. 
  • Fire Columns – Fire Pit Columns with their multi-dimensional design makes a grand statement  and add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.  A unique alternative to larger fire pits these fire columns can be placed at the entryway for driveways, or walkways.  They can add sophistication to your poolside, or ambience to your patio.  As an alternative, these fire columns are also available in tabletop models.  .   With their glowing flames we are sure we have a selection that is perfect for your outdoor entertaining. 
  • Patio Heaters – Patio heaters can be powered by natural gas, propane gas, or infrared electric.  You can choose from freestanding, table top or wall fixed models.   They are also available in a variety of finishes. 
  • Fire Pots - Have become a popular backyard fixture outside homes.  Designed to enhance outdoor ambiance with the dancing light of fire, compared to a traditional candle light.  Fire pots come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials.  This being the case, most will fit in any space, large or small.  They will become the focal point, on your patio.  Fire pots burn and give you that same crackling fire ambience.  So have fun, creating your outdoor with different finishes and Sizes. 
  • Fire Bowls are free standing large bowls that are used to contain a fire.  The Fire bowls on our site are all artesian made by some of the greatest crafters around.  These units can be seen in commercial to home settings.  These units will add a touch of luxury to your home.
  • Fireplaces - The design of an outdoor fireplace is much the same as an indoor fireplace.  The only exception is that an outdoor fireplace, does not require the use of a damper.  Instead of a damper, the chimney on an outdoor fireplace is extra tall to carry away the smoke.  Patio fireplaces burn wood, but you can purchase units that are fuel by natural gas or propane tanks.  These make cleanup easier, and no need to make sure the fire is out before you turn in for the evening. 
Not all outdoor heating appliances operate in the same way as you can tell from above.  You now have the knowledge to decide which one of these appliances works best for you and your budget.  So if your house is too small, or you just enjoy the outdoors, do not let the cool evening put a damper on your outside activities.  With one of these fire pits, fire pit tables, patio heaters or any of the other choices available, you can extend your garden or patio space into a warm, cozy and inviting atmosphere.  Fire Pit Tables and More is here to help you enjoy your family, friends, or your outdoor party with a outdoor heater of some type with then temperatures start to cool down.    
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