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Where do I begin?  Which one is the right one for me? There are so many choices.  BBQ's: Charcoal, Propane or Natural Gas.  Smokers: Charcoal, Electric, & Propane, and then the Kamados. How do I choose?  Fire Pit Tables and More – Please come to my rescue. 

Whatever your reason for using the outdoor techniques for cooking you need to understand what a few of them are and which is the correct appliances for what you are trying to cook.   We are here to help you sort out the differences between these outdoor appliances.
When people talk about BARBEQUEING  they are generally referring to grilling food.  The words are used interchangeably to describe a type of food that has been cooked on a grill or BBQ.  The big difference between BBQ and Grilling is how the food is cooked.  Food cooked over a direct flame or other high heat source is generally referred to as "Grilling."  Indirect Heat or low-level heat is referred to as barbequing.   
BBQ Info Charcoal Propane Natural Gas
Purchase Price Lower priced grills compared to natural gas Costs more than charcoal to purchase Most Expensive Grill Generally sold as built in for kitchen islands
Operational Costs More costly than propane - Charcoal is less expensive to purchase per bag but have to use new coals everytime along with lighter fluid.  Inital Cost of Filling propane tank is more than a bag of charcoal but last longer than charcoal.  Cost per use is only about 30-50 cents.   Probably will not notice your home natural gas bill increasing due to barbequeing.
Cleaning More time consuming, need to dispose of ash in an enviromentally safe way. Cleaning Relatively easily Cleaning Relatively easily
Heat Up Time Slow Fast Fast
Heat Zones Ususally only one zone Can be multiple due to mulitple burners Can be multiple due to multiple burners

Smokers are wonderful additions to household appliances. Smokers transform even your average cut of meat into delectable gourmet meal. 

Smoker Info Charcoal Propane Electric
Ease of Operation Popular Choice but requires monitoring for heat control Easy to Operate Much Easier to Operate - If this is your first smoker or first experience with smoking food
Temperature Control Harder to maintain temperature Easier to maintain constant temperature Maintains a constant temperature
Cost Less Expensive Little Pricier Most Expensive - but still Reasonably priced on some models

Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor Cooking


.A Kamado is a traditional Japanese vessel that is fired by wood or charcoal and is used as a stove or oven. They are often marketed as grills for outdoor use. A Kamado style grill is a very simple thing, just extremely heavy and well constructed.  Kamado manufacturers recommend that Lump Charcoal is used in the cookers.  (Lump Charcoal create little ash, and has no additives the can contaminate the flavour of food.)
Manufacturers of the kamado style ceramic cookers claim that they are extremely versatile. Not only can they be used for grilling and smoking, but pizza can be cooked on a pizza stone.  Ceramic kamados have excellent heat retention properties.  Kamados can reach temperatures of up to 750 degree Farenheit.  Kamado's heat retention, air flow vent systems act live wood-fired ovens  and can be used to bake or roast almost anything.  Some people feel the kamado is the only outside cooking system they will ever need.  The kamado will grill, bake, smoke and roast.  The kamado is a complete outdoor stove, grill and oven. 
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