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Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

 So you want  to cozy up on a chilly night around an outdoor fire pit. But you have a few questions about purchasing a fire pit.  Should I purchase gas or a woodburning fire pit.  This page will talk about the options and advantages of a gas fire pit. If you are interested in the woodburning fire pits then just click on the underlined letters and we will give you information on wood burning fire pits.   
You'll have many options to explore if you're considering adding an outdoor gas fire pit or table, and here are a few key points to consider before you light the flame for the first time.
            1.  Gas Fire Pit                                                          6. Styles        
            2.  Gas Fire Pit Table                                                7. Sizes
            3.  Outdoor Gas Fireplace                                         8. Materials
            4.  Natural Gas                                                          9. Price                      
            5.  Propane Gas
Gas Fire Pit or Table?  Tables offer you the advantage of being able to set a drink or snack on them.  Some even come with tops large enough for dining. 

Natural Gas or Propane?  Propane makes for a more portable fire pit or table but some styles can be converted to natural gas.  With natural gas you will never have to worry about running out of propane. 

Styles? - Styles are as varied as your own backyard decor.  We carry gas pits and tables in styles from contemporary to the newer modern decor.  We will have a fire pit to suit your needs. 
Sizes? - Gas Fire Pits and Tables come in a large range of sizes to meet your needs. Tables are available in a variety of heights from chat (approximately coffee table height), dining height, balcony height all the way to bar height.  We know we will have a size to fit your needs. 

Materials?  We carry a wide array of materials for your decorating decor.  Materials available are Wrought Iron, Aluminum, and Cast Resin.  Tops of these fire pits are just as numerous with tile mantles, granite and copper mantles.    
Prices? Gas fire pits are priced a little higher than wooden fire pits but the advantages of a gas fire pit out weighs the price for some individuals.  Gas fire pits start at $$ and can go up to as much as $$$$.  
Advantages - There are various advantages to a natural or propane gas fire pit.
            1.  Gas fire pits light easily                        
            2.  They do not produce smoke
            3.  No Sparks or Embers to catch fire
            4.  No Ash ever to clean up.
Gas fire pits and fire pit tables are a great way to turn you outdoor space into the warm and  cozy extension of your home. Making a gas fire pit or table, part of your home's natural landscape is a great decision.   It will become the focal point in your backyard or patio.  Everyone is sure to enjoy the atmosphere and ambience the fire will bring. 
So don't wait, purchase your gas fire pit now from Fire Pit Tables and More. Go ahead and escape to your backyard!  You will now be able to enjoy the splendor and warmth of a cozy gas fire in your own outdoor living space.   
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