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Fire Pit/Fireplace  Tools

Fire Pit/Fireplace Tools

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Fire Pit and Fireplace Tools

Fire Pit and Fireplace Tools

Fire Pit Tools

Once the touch of a chill is in the air, the outdoor fire pit or fireplace becomes the focal point to any backyard experience.  Once you have a fire going, you are going to need some tools to tend to your fire.  There are lot of common fire side accessories for fire pits such as spark screens, fire pit covers, grill grates, and log racks.  Some of the basic fire pit or fireplace tools that you should have for safety reasons are:
  • Long Sturdy Poker Handle: To stoke the fire
  • A Pair of Rugged Tongs:  Move logs around while the fire is burning.
  • Spark Screen Lifter - If you have a spark screen  
For cooking hot dogs and hamburgers to roasting marshmellows, don’t forget the grill grates, or roasting forks. 

Fire Accessories

Then for Clean Up after a Fire, it is always nice to be able to have         
  •   A Simple Shovel,
  •   Brush or Broom
  •   Ash Bucket
On this page you can peruse our large assortment of fire side tools.  Our high quality fireplace or fire pit tools can add beauty to your indoor hearth or be great for tending your outdoor fires. 
At Fire Pit Tables and More we are here to help you with your outdoor entertaining.  Make your selection now and enjoy those roasted marshmellows with the tools you ordered as well as keep
your family safe with the fire tending tools that you didn’t forget to order as well. 
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