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So you want to know how do you turn your propane or natural gas fire pit table, fire pit, or fireplace from an ordinary fire with lava rocks and gas logs to being a WOW factor.   One of the easiest ways to dress up your fire, is to add fire glass, which will give you that dazzling fire you are looking for.   
Fire glass is becoming very popular as a choice for home owners and designers seeking out new ways to innovate fire glass, into their design features.  Other ways designers and home owners are using fire glass is to mix it in Mosaic Cement Counter Tops, in Terrazzo Flooring, in Aquariums – to replace the gravel, and in landscaping by replacing the mulch with fire glass, to accent your yard.   With the array of color and sizes available, the uses of fire glass are endless, you  are only limited to your imagination. 

What is fire pit glass?

So now you are asking yourself,  exactly what is the definition of Fire glass?

Fire glass is tempered glass that is tumbled and sometimes polished to prevent sharp edges and injury. The glass is designed to tolerate high temperatures without melting, burning, popping or discoloring when used as recommended.  Fire glass is produced in a variety of colors and styles.

Now that you know what fire glass is and how it is being used -you are asking yourself " Where do I Start?"

The first place to start with any project is to ask yourself -
            "What design look am I going for?" 
            "What color scheme am I trying to achieve?" 
            "How much fire glass do I need?"
            "What are the benefits of Fire Glass?"

If you are replacing your lava rock or gas logs, then the desired aesthetic must be carefully considered.  Typical gas fires are not very desirable to look at because the plumbing is clearly exposed along with the gas jets. Fire glass serves two primary purposes - Functional and Aesthetic.  Fire glass is specifically designed to be used to mask the jets from the gas tubes while creating  a vibrant, glowing focal point in your backyard or inside a family room. Fire glass is available in a wide range of colors and styles. 
What are the benefits of replacing gas logs or lava rock with fire glass?

             1.  Because fire glass is transparent, radiant heat can pass through it more easily.  This means that fire glass radiates more heat than lava rocks or ceramic logs.  Which ultimately leads to being able to    lower your BTU output and save you some fuel. 
            2. The glass does not create toxic fumes, smoke, ash or soot. 
            3. The product does not degrade

How long will Fire Glass last?
The glass will last a lifetime when left within the burner pan, or bottom of the fireplace, other than removing for an occasional cleaning.    

What is the maintenance of Fire Glass?

Because there is no soot, dirt, or ashes there is minimal maintenance. Like any household furnishing the glass can get dirty and dusty. If there is an obvious build up of dirt one can scoop out the glass and wash it with dish detergent followed by a thorough rinse, and then laying out to dry.

Is fire glass available in different finishes?

Yes - Fire glass is made as tumbled glass, reflective glass and smooth finish glass.  The industry standard is tumbled. 
  • Tumbled means a single pane of color infused tempered glass, is shattered and then placed in a rotating bin and tumbled until there are no sharp edges.
  • Reflective glass  is produced by shattering a pane of color infused tempered glass. It is also tumbled to remove any sharp edges. Reflective glass has one extra step though. It is polished to give it a mirror like quality. The mirrored edge will reflect sunlight in the day time and at night the light of the fire will illuminated as fire dances atop the glass, creating a dazzling effect.
  • Smooth fire glass resembles flattened marbles or jelly beans. This fire glass is made from smaller and irregular sized tempered glass pieces, rather than taking a pane of tempered glass and shattering it.   Each of these pieces of glass are then taken separately and made into its own smooth bean finish.  Smooth fire glass drastically increases the way flames flow under and around the smooth glass creating an even greater liquid fire. 
Does Fire Glass Come in Different Sizes?

Yes - Fire glass is made in different sizes.  
  • The most standard size is 1/4" (Small).  The one-quarter inch small type of glass is best for most projects because it offers the largest selection and richest colors. This leads to a more dramatic effect for your fire pit or fireplace. Most of the ¼” fire glass colors are offered in a “reflective” or “non-reflective” option. This fireglass tends to be the most popular style for a clean and modern design.  Mixing colors in warm hues like red, orange, yellow, and copper can really add warmth and design to any fire feature.
  •  1/2” Fireglass (medium pieces).  Since the pieces are larger, the color is not quite as vibrant as the ¼” style, but the size contrast is much bolder. One-half inch glass is best suited for larger fire features since its size compliments well. Most of the half inch fire glass is offered in reflective and non-reflective options. The three-dimensional aesthetic lends itself to more texture and variation. Mixing cool colors in hues of green, blue, purple, and gray allows for an eye-catching fire feature that looks great near any water feature or pool.
  • Liquid Fireglass & Firebeads (large pieces) - The larger style of Liquid Fireglass or Firebeads is for the most dramatic and artistic use in any hearth. These styles are round in shape and most resemble a “jellybean”.  Many of these styles tend to look “wet” when burning, which offers a great appearance. While the other types lend themselves to contemporary fire features, this size acts more like tiny fire-proof windows looking into the heart of your flame. Blend warm colors and sizes of glass to create the fireplace or fire pit of your dreams!
No matter what your decorative style, be it traditional, contemporary, modern or a combination of any of the above, our vast array of styles, and colors will satisfy your needs.  We have a fire glass style to enhance any outdoor or indoor gas fire place and bring dazzle to your fireplace or fire pit.  Shop now, we are here to answer any question you may have.
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